Below are my current Design Experiments, small free games focusing on just a few core mechanics and polishing them. My goal is to test ideas, get feedback and see what gamers like or don’t. Each game also has a link to my blog posts about Lessons Learned.

Here is my GameJolt page as well.

Mr. Molotov Man

One Man. Infinite Molotovs.


Working on HEADLINER, story driven game about controlling public opinion and sparking a riot, accidentally led to the realization “Molotovs are fun!” Needless to say, a little spin-off was born.


Lead your Ravens. Feed on Cadavers. Avoid Wolves


Lessons Learned from this Experiment

This was my first publicly released design experiment, inspired by a friend’s idea and focusing on just a very simple mechanic. Overall turned out really well, and could have a lot of potential for growth if I ever chose to expand on it.

CRAVEN Title CRAVEN Slaughter CRAVEN Night


You are one day old. You have no memory of the past. You have no foresight of the future. The gods made you to do their bidding. They require sacrifice


Lessons Learned from this Experiment

You control a Wraith sent to the idyllic land who must learn the rules of the world on his own. Powerless to affect the material realm, you must find arcane words to command and grow your minions, gather various objects and discover their use. The Krewski god demands sacrifice – but of what kind? And how will you appease them?

GATHER Title GATHER Blood Pylon GATHER Bee GATHER Minions and Bunny